Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Nature in Addiction Recovery


Nature can effectively help you recover from addiction. Living inside concrete houses is a fairly recent development in humanity’s existence. Humans used to be out and about, barefoot, and one with our surroundings. This way of life made us smarter. This way of life reflects our true essence: free, true, and natural. Returning to nature will give you just that. So much so that it can help you in your journey to sobriety. To know more about the benefits of environment in rehab recovery, read on.

You will enjoy the following benefits if you’d choose to explore the therapeutic benefits of nature:

1. Emotional Regulation

          It is important for you to have a full look and grasp of your emotion if you want to live a peaceful and fulfilling life. Regulating one’s emotions is essential as it would help you be aware if you’re close to feeling overwhelmed. The mere knowing of the fact that you’re already overwhelmed will help you to look for tools and techniques to help you avoid returning to substances. Exposure to nature will allow you to easily do this. Nature provides tranquility that will make you feel safe and at ease. The effortless feeling of comfort will then allow you to easily process your emotions.

2. Stress Reduction

          Numerous studies have shown that nature is ideal for any person who is experiencing any kind of stress or is undergoing a stressful episode. This is the case because nature has calming and soothing effects. When one is calm and soothed, one can easily make good and intelligent decisions. When you are calm and soothed, it will be very easy for you to stay sober.

3. Connection and Mindfulness

          As we are one with nature, it is very easy for us to feel connected and mindful when in its presence. Nature is our true home. When in nature, it becomes easy for us to relax and let go. This is because our body gets reminded of our true essence. We somehow get to tap our inner core that has a true understanding of what truly matters. This is an important realization that one recovering from addiction always needs to remember.

4. Increased Physical Activity

          Being in nature will effortlessly make you move more. Outdoor activities such as walking, biking, or hiking will do wonders in your journey to sobriety. Regular exercise will allow your body to have a regular supply of endorphins or happy hormones. Having a consistent supply of happy hormones will allow you to reduce your cravings and improve your mood.


5. Distraction from Trigger

          Immersion in nature will effectively help you in your journey to sobriety because it will be easier for you to be free of triggers and distractions. Triggers are stimuli that lead to the resurfacing of painful memories. Painful memories that have yet to be dealt with are hard to handle. Experiencing such can easily result in one wanting to escape. Such escape often leads to substance abuse. This is something that exposure to nature will totally get rid of. In nature, you will be detached from your daily stressors and triggers. You will be in a soothing environment that won’t trigger any painful memory. You will not feel any pressure that can lead to wanting to escape.

6. Improved Sleep Quality

          Numerous studies that have been published show that exposure to nature leads to good sleep. There is nothing like the soothing presence of nature that can easily make one fall asleep and fully rest. A good night’s sleep is key if you want to have a good day. It is akin to charging a mobile phone. Because really, how can you expect yourself to face the day confidently if you don’t even have enough energy to do so? Nature allows for good sleep. Consistent good sleep will allow you to make consistently good decisions.

7. Social Interaction

          A nature-based therapy will often have you participate in group activities. This very dynamic will allow you to be social and easily reach out to others. This will make you feel ever supported and less alone in your journey to sobriety. Knowing that you’re not the only one struggling will inspire you and embolden you.

8. Enhanced Self-Esteem

You will be amazed at how doing outdoor activities and accomplishing outdoor tasks do many wonders for one’s self-esteem. The consistent ability to complete a task will ever boost your confidence as it will be a solid reminder that you can do things.

9. Boosted Cognitive Function

Nature, with all its soothing and calming qualities, has been shown to improve one’s cognitive function. It can particularly enhance one’s capacity to focus and sustain focus. Thus, regular exposure to nature can effortlessly make someone better at making good decisions. This is fundamental in creating a lifestyle that is free from addiction.

10. Spiritual Connection

Nature is grand and quiet. It will not ask anything from you. You can easily be yourself when in its presence. This is why it can easily facilitate a sense of spirituality or connection to something beyond one’s self. This is transformative for many as it is effective in giving a sense of purpose and meaning to one’s life. In nature, unnecessary noise, delusions, and concerns slowly melt. One simply gets to face peace and is reminded that one’s nature, has always been and always will be peace.


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