How To Bake Healthy Meals?


Food and health can be two of the most controversial things in our lives. Usually, the food we love is not good for us whereas anything healthy meal can turn a few smiles upside down. The reason for “bad” or unhealthy food is so delicious is probably the way it is made. The large amounts of oil are used to fry a good burger patty or French fries.

However, now the new trend has turned towards baking healthy or eating and cooking healthy. It is the large amounts of alternative ingredients that have made healthy baking and cooking a favourable option. You may already know the usually gluten-free products that are very commonly used now but there are loads out there that you are probably not aware of, here are some of them.

cacao powder

Using whole grain wheat

Fine-grain wheat flour is what is usually used to bake. It does not have a very high nutritional value but adds flavour to baking. While not everything can be made using whole grain flour or other substitutes such as coconut flour, they are both very good suggestions.

Both whole grain and coconut flour do not have gluten components making it easier to digest and less fatty. It is a healthier substitute and has been picking up in popularity over the last few years. Many have switched to this as it has a higher nutritional value and is as versatile as wheat flour.

Adding fruits to baking

The sound of this may turn off many who dislike the combination of fruits and cake or bread but hear us out. Banana bread, fruitcake and many other fruit combos are some of the tastiest desserts or bread out there.

By adding fruits to your baking, you are ensuring that you consume the necessary fruit intake as it is vital for your diet. This is ideal for kids who do not like eating certain fruits or may not consume the necessary amount. This type of food can be baked using whole grain or coconut flour thus making it a snack that is full of all the right starch and nutrients.

Organic ingredients

Many stores about ingredients are not as good as they should be. Since they are mass-produced, they use up all the ingredients that may not have any nutritional value. If you prefer organic ingredients then lucky for you now, there are quite a few options. You now get organic cacao powder from Cell Squared. It is a lifesaver for those who love using the freshest and most organic ingredients. It is easily available and can be used in just about any sort of baking.

Adding nuts to your dishes

You may have heard just how much nuts such as almonds, walnuts and pistachios are good for your health. They provide a lot of health benefits and one of the tastiest ways of consuming them is by adding them to baking. They add a pleasant and healthy twist to your everyday baked items.